What happens next?

Great things take time
You’ve designed three exceptional timepieces, now it’s time to bring them to life.
The long manufacturing process begins by sourcing the right raw materials and crafting them into components. Lead times are lengthy. In addition, we engineer our components precisely and finish them by hand. This means movements and cases can take up to a year to produce.
Luckily, you won’t need to wait that long. Reusing existing components means we can fast track production as they’re ready to be assembled. You’ll get to unbox them as soon as September for the Land watch, while Sea and Air will be ready in time for Christmas.
Fresh new dials
But there’s one component we’re creating exclusively for you: your chosen dials.
Remember the exclusive colours and styles you voted for? In the next three months we’ll be transforming stainless steel into your chosen dials.
Did you miss the project launch? Get up to speed with all the action on our blog.

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