We’ve salvaged and produced all the necessary components and assembled your community-designed timepieces. 

But we can’t let them go just yet. First, they must pass our rigorous quality control phase to ensure they meet our exacting standards and are ready for their new homes.

We’re in control 

Quality control is more than a formality and not a task we take lightly.

First, we visually inspect each watch to make sure they’re flawless. We’ll remove any dust and polish away any scratches. 

We’ll then make sure the mechanics function as they should. We test the water resistance, power reserve, frequency and the movement in full. If there are any flaws then we mend them and begin the quality control process all over again.

Finally, we’ll fit the strap or bracelet and carefully secure your timepiece in its giftbox, ready to go!     

Coming soon…

Did you enjoy our last surprise? Stay with us because something unexpected is coming your way!

Did you miss the project launch? Get up to speed with all the action on our blog.

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