Voting closes today!

Today’s your very last chance to vote! You’ve already chosen the movements, cases, dials and hands, and now it’s time for the finishing touch: the straps. There’ll be no more chances to contribute to the design of these watches, so make sure you don’t miss out.
Our watch creator lets you test drive each strap option for the three timepieces. Just head to the Alpina website now and have fun experimenting!
There is a vast amount of choice, with materials ranging from stylish leather and stainless steel to dive-friendly rubber and silicone. Make your choices now.
One step away
Choosing the components is only the beginning. We’ll be back next week to reveal the final designs, so keep an eye out. Then we’ll get to work salvaging the components and transforming them into your exclusive community-designed watches.
Did you miss the project launch? Get up to speed with all the action on our blog.

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