Gearing up for the official launch

That’s it. All watches have been sold. We simply can’t thank you enough. This one-of-a-kind project has been a glorious success, and that’s all down to you.

Every vote, every idea, every step of the way… YOU were the driving force. We asked and you delivered.

And more surprises are on their way – just watch your inbox in the run up to the launch.

Not long to wait now

The Alpiner4 Chronograph watches, our Land model, are now ready to ship to you.

We’ve manufactured all the dials for Air and Sea, and our Quality Control department is busy making sure every piece is flawless. We know you expect nothing but the very best from Alpina.

Our official launch will take place on 11th December, International Mountain Day. Fitting, don’t you agree?

The Salomon Foundation

For every unit you pre-ordered, and for every one purchased after the official launch, we’ll donate €25 to the Salomon Foundation, which aims to make life easier for disabled mountain athletes and experts and their families by supporting their social and professional rehabilitation. In the 20 years since it was founded, it’s helped over 300 people and counting, and together we can help even more.

Did you miss the project launch? Get up to speed with all the action on our blog.

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