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Over the past two months we’ve shared an exhilarating journey as we create three unique watches, each inspired by Alpina’s three universes: Land, Sea and Air.
Where land meets air you’ll find another universe. The mountains are a special place that Alpina shares with the Salomon Foundation, who we’ve chosen to support through this project.
Meet the Salomon Foundation
The Salomon Foundation aims to make life easier for disabled mountain athletes and experts by supporting their social and professional rehabilitation. From providing specialist equipment to aiding professional training, it’s helped countless mountain pros affected by injury or illness.
Not only that, but the Foundation also gives help to families of deceased mountain athletes and professionals. In the past it’s provided emergency allowances and financial aid for their children’s educations.
During the 20 years since it was founded, it’s helped over 300 people and counting, including guides, ski safety patrollers, athletes, and instructors.
Our solidarity with the Salomon Foundation runs deep. Our Alpinists Team of pro mountain athletes is also involved in raising the profile of the Foundation.
International Mountain Day, which aims to highlight sustainable mountain development, is celebrated on the 11th of December each year. What better way for Alpina to mark this day than by making a donation to the Salomon Foundation? We’ll donate €25 for each sustainable upcycled watch you buy.
Not only will you help us repurpose unused components and reduce our ecological footprint, you’ll also help disabled mountain experts facing a new challenge.
It’s now or never
Have you had your say on the final component for each universe? Vote now on our website before voting closes. You can experiment with the different strap options on our watch creator and make your choice. You have until the 7th of June.
Did you miss the project launch? Get up to speed with all the action on our blog.

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