The objectives are the following


The design process will take place between April and June 2021. During this time, we will give you the chance to choose between movements, cases, dials, hands and strap variations and vote for your favourites.

We will of course keep you entertained along the way with some surprises and finally present the 3 watches, one per Alpina universe (Air, Land and Sea).


In the first step, the Alpina community chose the 3 movements. During Phase 2, you can choose your favourite cases by playing with the watch creator and by voting via this button.





The Alpina Community

In 2018, Alpina launched the AlpinerX Smart Outdoors on Kickstarter. This innovative initiative brought the sporting community together and allowed everyone to get involved in designing their own timepiece. The result? Three thousand individually designed watches delivered and four best-selling designs used to make up the AlpinerX Smart Outdoors collection. In 2020, we repeated the experience with the AlpinerX Alive timepiece, and the four most successful designs were also integrated within the retail collection and available for sale.

Building on this momentum, Alpina wished to move on to the next level by involving its community members in the design of the watch. The idea behind the Brand’s next project is to ask its community to design three watches, one for each universe; Air, Land and Sea. The community members will then have the opportunity to choose the movement, the case, the dial, the hands and the strap.

Alpina Universes